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Credentialing and Certification in New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire has a variety of options to become certified. 
Options include:

1. Complete an approved teacher education program at a public or private NH college or university.

2. Complete an approved teacher education program at an out-of-state college or university.

3. Document your experience in teaching and in your content area.  Take a written or oral exam.

4. After being hired by a school district to teach in a critical shortage area, develop a 3 year plan to complete certification standards.

5. If you have a bachelor's degree and 30 credits (2.5 GPA) in a content area, you can apply for a "Letter of Eligibility" from the NH Department of Education to teach in that subject area.

For more information on credentialing and certification, please visit the Becoming an Educator page at NH Department Education website.

More information is also available through the Graduate Studies Office at Plymouth State University.

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